Basic Information
Birthname Nakaji
Aliases Tony Ng, The Rainstorm, Ryujin
Hometown Myanmarflag Kengtung, Myanmar
D.O.B. 1986
Gene Class N/A
Physical Description
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Burmese
Height 5 ft. 8 in.
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) The Tong, Noir, Storm Brothers
Make it rain on these hoes.
— Rain

Rain was born Nakaji in the city of Kengtung, Myanmar. His parents were of Karen descent. He was the first of five children. His father died in the revolution in what was then Burma. Being the oldest, Nakaji quickly took up responsibility to support his mother and younger siblings. He'd work in sweatshops, mills, and later narcotics sales. His mother knew of his involvement with illegal activity but did not question it if it helped support her and her children. However, she'd always warn Nakaji to be smart. 

The family was pushed into the Chinese border after turmoil broke out once more in Kengtung. They later resettled in western China and adopted the surname "Ng". Nakaji would adopt the alias Tony Ng. He continued selling narcotics with the help of the rebel armies who began creating posts in China. However, he needed to go somewhere with more business and opportunity, and ultimately he did not desire the life of crime. This would lead him to leave his family in search of something better. Tony Ng met the Tong through his rebel connects. The Tong promised to support his relocation to the United States in return for his labor. With hopes of being able to support his family overseas and one day help them make the same move, Tony accepted the offer. In 2004, 18 year old Tony Ng moved to Chicago, Illinois and began working for the Tong.