Basic Information
Birthname Queenie Elliott
Aliases Deadeye, Q, Eagle Eye
Hometown America Pearlington, MS
D.O.B. May 24, 1987
Kinship Leviathan
Gene Class Beta
Physical Description
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity African American
Height 5 ft. 8 in.
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) GLORY13, Noir,
Occupation Former GLORY13 Operative, Contract Killer
Family Amos Elliott (Father)
Bang Bang. Skudda. 3Hunna.
— Queenie



Early YearsEdit

Queenie Elliott was born and raised in Pearlington, Mississippi, a small county on the boarder of Mississippi and Lousiana. Queenie Elliott's mother died at childbirth. She was raised by her father, Amos Elliott who worked for House Legrande. She was an only child. Growing up just a couple hours from New Orleans, it was the common traveling spot and Queenie became very familiar with the city and was very welcomed by other Leviathan-kin. It became an escape from Queenie's secluded life on her father's small ranch.

Queenie grew up an extreme tomboy, having had her father as the only close influence in her life. This resulted in her becoming the target of bullying. Amos would teach her to defend herself. Amos also introduced Queenie to hunting at a relatively young age. She became skilled in handling guns and showed promising skill as a shooter. She'd hunt squirrels, rabbits, and other small animals growing up.


After the death of the last Legrande, New Orleans became a battleground as several other factions attempted to seize control of the city. Amos Elliott had lost his position and his line of work, which made living extremely hard for him and his daughter. To lessen the burden on her father, when Queenie became of age, she enlisted in the US army instead of going to college. Her skillset was extremely impressive and she was put in an all-woman Navy Seals Unit, as part of a government study for female inclusion. The study would not be approved, but Queenie would later be recruited by GLORY13 due to her talents and skillset. She served as an elite sniper, reaching a total of 146 confirmed kills fighting insurgents. Her GLORY13 codename was Eagle Eye. She is currently on the top 10 list of deadliest snipers in the world, and the only woman currently on the list.


Elliott was granted leave when her father fell extremely ill. She returned to Mississippi to care for him, but his condition became worse and he was to be permanently hospitalized. To help keep him alive, Elliott needed money to pay for the medical bills. She decided to enter the world of the black market and lend her skills in exchange for payment. She began working as a mercenary for hire and adopted the alias Deadeye.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit