Queen of Diamonds
Basic Information
Birthname Maria Valenti
Aliases The Queen, The Dealer
Hometown America The Boroughs (NYC)
D.O.B. August 1, 1976
Kinship N/A
Gene Class N/A
Physical Description
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Italian / Puerto Rican
Height 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight 122 lbs.
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) The House, The Hand, Valenti Crime Family
Occupation Casino Owner
Family Marco Valenti Sr. (Father)

Valeria Ramos-Valenti(Mother)
Marco Valenti Jr. (Brother)
Dominic Salvatore-Valenti (Son)
Giovanni Valenti (Grandfather)

If you can't beat them, bluff them.
— Queen of Diamonds



Early Years

The Queen of Diamonds was born Maria Valenti, the second child of former mafia boss Giovanni Valenti in Queens, NY. Born into the most notorious mafia family in The Boroughs, Maria grew up around wealth her entire life. But she was also exposed to the violent life that comes with it. When she graduated from high school, her father sent her far away to keep her away from harm and violence. She went on to pursue business and she excelled in her first two years of schooling.

Rise to Power

Everything came to a hault in 1996 when Maria received news that her father Marco Valenti Sr. was murdered along with her older brother Marco Jr., who was on the verge of taking his father's position. Maria decided to drop out of school and return home to what was now the Boroughs. She seized control of what was left of her father's empire at the age of 21 and solidified a casino business in the poverty-stricken Boroughs. Her casino, The House, would become the largest legal revenue income, making it the heart of the Boroughs. As her business grew, so did her influence and power.

The Queen operates in a neutral zone and is known and respected by most factions who live in the Boroughs. She is also allied with the NYPD. Her relationships help keep both the legal and illegal business of the Boroughs running. She is protected by a small group of five individuals who are referred to as The Hand.

The House

The House, The Queen's casino and center of business is located in the Boroughs (what was Queens, NY). It thrives in business and The House is a well known location among all factions and is considered a safe-ground. This means that factions are not allowed to engage in any type of violent behavior. Members of the House who break this law are executed. 

Dominic's Kidnapping



Powers and Abilities

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills

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