The Leviathan Kinship is one of three major kinships, believed to date back to the great flood. People born within the Leviathan Kinship who exhibit the Leviathan Gene are referred to as Leviathan-kin. Like other kinships, Leviathan-kin often share similar abilities and sometimes even their personality and physical characteristics can be quite comparable. Leviathan-kin are born either Alpha or Beta (see Abilities), indicating the gene-mutation level. The two differ in their abilities.

The Leviathan Gene Edit

The Leviathan Gene can be passed down from either mother or father. The chances that an offspring inherits a parent's gene is completely by chance, as some Leviathan-kin do not pass down their genetic material. Furthermore, even if a gene is inherited, it may never be awakened (see activation). Every gene is inherited in "sleeping mode".

Activation Edit

The activation of the Leviathan Gene is often coupled with the brain releasing high levels of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These are usually in the midst of devastating or dangerous situations in a kin's life. Once activated, the Leviathan Gene reacts to the stressor and behaves as a defense. Because of this, a Leviathan's Alpha ability may manifest itself in a way as to respond to the stressor (i.e.- developing the ability to produce desolating and deafening sonic screams in the midst of crying for help). The gene gradually manifests itself, gifting the individual with unique superhuman capabilities. The time for full manifestation can last anywhere between two to four weeks.

Characteristics Edit

All Leviathan-kin appear to be a majority percentage of African descent, having high levels of melanin in their skin. This is said to be an indication of their tied lineage. Leviathan-kin can be identified when using their abilities. The irises of their eyes transform into an illluminating red hue.


Leviathans gain superhuman physical enhancements when their abilities are activated. These abilities include the following:

  • Enhanced muscle strength and lung capacity
  • Enhanced reflexes and mental processing
  • Superhuman hearing
  • Superhuman vision

These abilities manifest differently in different kin, creating a variety of skill levels. Leviathan-kin who are limited to these abilities and do not develop more "advanced" abilities are considered Beta. Leviathan-kin who develop an advanced defense mechanism at the time of their activation are considered Alpha. These kin are typically more powerful due to their added ability. These special abilities differ from kin to kin, but typically involve manipulating the physical world or oneself. Alphas are a much rarer occurance than Betas.

Red SpeedEdit

Some extremely skilled Leviathan-kin (either Beta or Alpha) have gained the ability to move short distances at extremely high speeds that some describe as "blinding". Because the red glow in their eyes is one of the very few features that can be distinguished when Leviathan-kin are moving at this speed, the ability has adopted the name red speed. Some kin who are seen possessing this ability include Elle (uniquely at birth), Moth, and Cobalt.