Kendrick (Anubis)
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Basic Information
Birthname Kendrick Clay
Aliases Anubis, The Reaper, Black Jackal
Hometown America The Boroughs (NYC)
D.O.B. May 24, 1987
Kinship Leviathan
Gene Class Beta
Physical Description
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black
Ethnicity African American
Height 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight 176 lbs.
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) The Nest, NOIR
Occupation Cage Fighter, Mercenary For Hire
Family N/A
I'm a fighter, that's all that i know. I came from nothing... I've fighting my entire life just to live. And so I fight against any and all who oppose me. But most importantly, I also fight for those I care for.
— Anubis


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Early Years

Kendrick was born in former Brooklyn to a single mother. Due to the deteriorating economy, Kendrick's mother found that she could not support herself, let alone her newborn. She decided to one night leave him at the steps of a small neighborhood clinic. Kendrick spent the majority of his early childhood in foster homes. During one of his stays, he'd meet a young boy named AJ who had lived down the street. A few months passed and AJ had moved. 

When Brooklyn and the entirety of New York City experienced a socio-economic crisis leading to the birth of the Boroughs, Kendrick found himself once again in the streets trying to survive. In a dire need of food, shelter, and money, he would later join an underground cage-fighting empire with the help of Flatbush Slim, a co-owner and investor in the cage-fighting business. Slim also ran his own street gang, the Ocean 21 Gang.

Life In The Cage

Kendrick became a ruthless and skilled fighter and was nearly undefeated in the cage, exemplifying both natural skill and an accelerated pace for learning. He adopted the last name "Clay", taken from the famous Muhammad Ali (Casius Clay). Kendrick made a fortune for Slim and his gang, but he'd see only a small amount of that money for himself. Because of his growing success, Kendrick became an enemy of many and a target in the cage. His winnings began to affect Slim and the other investors on the Board. The business was going sour. The other investors, through Slim, attempted to persuade Kendrick to begin throwing his matches. Too prideful, Kendrick refused. Kendrick's refusal called for his permanent removal. With the help of Slim, the Board attempted an assassination on Kendrick by drugging him with a deadly serum that is untraceable. Surprisingly, instead of the drug killing him, it activated his sleeping Leviathan Gene, awakening his abilities, but also gifting him with the unique ability to gradually self-heal. While on the hospital bed, he is visited by Moth, who recruits him into the Nest.


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Powers and Abilities

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills



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