*House Legrande Family Crest

House Legrande is one of the most influential and dominant family lineages within the Leviathan kinship. Every Legrande that is a full leviathan-kin embodies the alpha gene, making them some of the most powerful and feared of the kinship. They are of Creole bloodline, often of biracial standing. Their family history dates back to the early 1800s in what is now New Orleans, Louisiana. They are credited with the creation of the Nest, assembling the first successful allegiance amongst the leviathan-kin. The Last Legrande was said to have been killed in the early 1990s, presumably ending the once infamous House Legrande.


Madame Legrande

House Legrande was founded by a fair-skinned Free Slave woman given the title Legrande (her first name is unknown). who married into a wealthy French-Creole family. Legrande was born in 1793 in the French territory of Lousiane (Louisiana). She would later go on to marry a wealthy French-Creole man who fell madly in love with what she recalls him expressing as "rare beauty". Unfortunately, her husband would later die, leaving her all of his wealth and belongings. She never remarried.

Legrande would go on to seize power and dominance within certain territories. She would later give herself the title Madame Legrande, and to some simply as Madame. Madame Legrande helps solidify the first alliance amongst Leviathan-kin across the Southern States, successfully establishing the first Nest.

The Continued Bloodline

Madame Legrande had six children with her late-husband, all of which were gifted with the Alpha-Gene. All of her children went on to marry fair-skinned or biracial individuals in order to maintain their socio-economic status, power, and influence amongst several factions. From then on, it became commonplace and expected of Legrandes to marry people of equal or lighter complexion. This trait has defined the Legrande bloodline amongst its kin.