GLORY13 is a covert United States Black Ops division that works alongside the U.S. Military, but not under it. This means that they do not take orders from the Chief Commander, the President. They operate both domestically and internationally. Their leadership is unknown. The mission for GLORY13 is to protect the interests of the American government as an entity. They work to maintain the prosperity of the United States of America.

Unlike the FBI, CIA and even the U.S. Military, GLORY13 do not play the role of the 'white hat'. They do not discern good and evil, but only discern what is beneficial for the United States government and what is not. Because of this, They may sometimes work against the interests of other government agencies if it means protecting the nation from a larger threat. GLORY13 is not known to other covert divisions or the general public, including the president.

GLORY13 Operatives are often pulled from military divisions such as navy seals, marines, and also from the CIA. They display expert-level skill in the field.

Notable GLORY13 Operatives include: