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Basic Information
Birthname Bertilde Elle Legrande
Aliases Michelle Anderson, B'Elle, The Beauty
Hometown Arlington Heights, IL
D.O.B. February 9, 1986
Kinship Leviathan
Gene Class Alpha
Physical Description
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Dark Brown
Ethnicity African American, Creole
Height 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight 126 lbs.
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) House Legrande, The Nest
Family Chris Anderson (Brother)

Celestín Legrande(Father)
Marcelín Legrande(Uncle)
Géraud Legrande (Brother)

Bitch better have my money!
— Elle


Elle stands at five feet and six inches, with a light rich complexion. Her natural hair is a dark brown with a tight curl pattern, however she often dyes it black with lavender tips. She has piercing hazel eyes. She sports a studded nose ring on her left nostril and a number of ear piercings and prefers to wear dark lipstick. She also has few tattoos, all of which are hidden. She is always seen with her gold crucifix necklace.

She can usually be seen wearing a fitted leather biker jacket with a white tank top underneath, black jeans and calf high boots.


Early Years

Elle was born Bertilde Elle Legrande (often abbreviated as B'Elle), the only daughter and last child of Celestín Legrande, the last active head of House Legrande. She spent the first few years of her life in her native home of New Orleans. After her father's murder, her uncle Marcelín orchestrated her escape and it was widely believed that baby B'Elle had suffered the same fate as the rest of her family did. 

A New Life

Unbeknownst to most, young Elle had been brought to Illinois and given the name Michelle Anderson with the help of Sylvain Johnson, after being adopted into a small family in the small Northern town of Arlington Heights, IL. Michelle grew up a lover of life and befriended everyone that she crossed paths with. She grew extremely close to her adoptive family, especially to her older brother, Christopher. However, she'd constantly suffer from inner conflictions searching for her identity. These urges made Michelle grow rebellious of authority and everything around her, eventually resulting in her running away from home and joining a city biker gang in Northern Chicago.


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Powers and Abilities

sexy and strong is a hell of a combo


Pleasant surprises.

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