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Basic Information
Birthname Unknown
Aliases Vingt-Sept, Number 27, The Hybrid
Hometown Unknown
D.O.B. Unknown
Kinship Hybrid
Gene Class Alpha
Physical Description
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 194 lbs.
Career and family information
Affiliation(s) Votum, House Legrande
Occupation Elite Mercenary
Family Unknown
Run up, get done up.
— Cobalt


Cobalt's actual appearance is never seen. He's assumed to be of black descent because he's a hybrid-kin. He is always covered in an all black armored bodysuit designed by Dr. Kamikaze. The intricately designed suit is fitted to Cobalt's body in what seems to be a thin but extremely durable metal (said to be a mix of a newly discovered magnesium alloy, cobalt and chromium). The front torso of the armor is designed to look like an undistinguishable face. He stands at six feet, two inches, a dark silhouette with eyes illuminating with a bright magenta. Attached to the back of his suit are his twin katana blades, Izanami and Izanagi.


Very little is known about Cobalt's background. It's widely believed that he was a young boy who witnessed the complete destruction of his family and was taken in by a group of foreign merchants. Gifted at an extremely young age, he'd find that this gift was also his curse.

Young cobalt caught the attention of one person who took an interest in training him. The Vohlk, a still mysterious figure even to Cobalt himself, would enroll Cobalt into his Siberian Mercenary Camp. He'd enroll as student number 27 out of 30, the first class to ever enroll. The number 27 would become of significance to him, and he'd later use this as his first alias. Cobalt would excel in all that he learned and was considered one of the top in his class. Many years later after leaving the camp, the other 29 students that enrolled with Cobalt were killed in a chain of murders. Cobalt is widely credited for the killings with the belief that he did it to keep his true identity a secret.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
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